Powerful storm heading for Isles

Another powerful storm is heading towards the Hebrides this evening (Monday 9 March).

The worst conditions are likely to occur between 6pm and midnight tonight, peaking close to 9pm. Maximum wind gusts are expected to reach 70-80mph, but possibly as high as 80-90mph across the Southern Isles.

The strongest winds in such storms are to be found near the tip of a hooked cloud head (see satellite image), otherwise known as a “sting jet”. It was the same type of cloud formation which caused the violent hurricane-force winds of 9 January last over Lewis and Harris.

Stornoway Gazette weather columnist Eddie Graham also notes 226.4mm (9 inches) of rain has fallen in Stornoway town over the period from 16 February to 8 March inclusive. This is the 3rd highest amount of rainfall in the town in March since 1931.

The weekend just passed also saw a total of 49.6mm in 48hrs - the 2nd wettest two-day period in March ever measured.