Promoting woodland crofts

More is being done to promote woodland crofts.
More is being done to promote woodland crofts.

Three community-based organisations are joining forces in a new push to promote and develop woodland crofts.

The Scottish Crofting Federation, the Community Woodlands Association and the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust plan a number of measures over the coming months.

These include the launch of a Woodland Crofts Register of Interest, which will be used to match up those who wish to obtain a woodland croft with those who have them to offer – or plan to develop them.

The expectation is that the evidence provided by the register will help stimulate the creation of new woodland crofts.

Later in the autumn a dedicated website for woodland crofts will be launched, at:|this website|see} which will cover not just the legalities and practicalities of woodland crofts but also the philosophy – why small-scale, holistic management of woodland under crofting tenure can be an answer to many of the pressing rural problems of the 21st century.