Pyrotechnic Amnesty at Stornoway Coastguard Station

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On Saturday 30th April at the Coastguard Station in Stornoway there will be a ‘Pyrotechnic Amnesty’.

The store will be open from 10am until 3pm to accept time expired items.

The types of Maritime Pyrotechnics that can be accepted are Para flares, Handheld flares, Handheld smoke, Lifesmokes, Smoke Generators, Man Overboard Markers, Speedlines, Maroons, Mini Flare Packs and Signal Pistol Cartridges

The Station can’t accept items from commercial organisations but will take them no problem from private individuals and leisure boat users.

You can just turn up, but staff say it would be highly useful if anyone bringing in items could phone beforehand on 01851 702013, just to advise their expected time at the Station and advise what they’re bringing.