Quiz success for Western Isles Pony Club

Members of the Western Isles Pony Club did the islands proud at the Quiz
Members of the Western Isles Pony Club did the islands proud at the Quiz

Western Isles Pony Club excelled themselves recently and attended the Margaret Wyper Pony Club Quiz for their area.

The Kessock Hall was the venue for some stiff competition from other clubs in the north of Scotland. 
The girls Ailsa Sine Sackenzie; Lauren Bremner; Abby Jo Morrison; Abbie Ross; Isla Ross; Mae Macleod; Emma Forsyth; Kayleigh Kennedy; Amy Fraser, and Jenna Campbell showed they were made of tough stuff as they set off on February 21st early morning on the ferry to reach the Kessock Hall for a 2.30pm quiz start.

The journey was an adventure, the Minch threw all it could to test the girls sea legs. They kept in good spirits though, far more than the mums that weren’t so sea worthy! 
Ullapool High School kindly gave the club use of their mini bus and the girls were off studying hard as they travelled. 
Arriving in competition form at the event the girls were immersed with other pony club members from other areas a great opportunity to swap stories and information from the different clubs. 
The Quiz was split into junior and senior teams. Each team member spoke about themselves and their ponies sharing their likes and abilities.

The Quiz had age group questions, buzzer rounds and beat the clock sections. Both teams, junior and senior, fought hard and were rewarded with 5th place for junior and 3rd place for senior - only missing second place by one point.

Great hospitality was shown by the Invernesshire branch and fun was had.
The Western Isles Pony Club were ambassadors of good teamwork and behaviour.

Western Isles Pony Club would like to thank the local sports council for funding, enabling the trip and Ullapool High School for the mini bus.

Thank you also to the accompanying adults who braved the high seas and Inverness horsey shopping.

Well done Western Isles Pony Club - it is events like these that encourage members to learn and gain knowledge. Go team Western Isles!