Raising money for a meal

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Pupils in Sgoil Lionacleit in Benbecula have raised £800 for the charity Mary’s Meals which aims to provide a meal during the school day for children in developing countries. This helps their physical development and encourages them to attend school.

S1 Pupils in Sgoil Lionacleit have been involved in the initiative since their induction week in June 2011 when they watched a short film about Mary’s Meals at their first Sgoil Lionacleit assembly.

The induction week theme, based on the school motto, ‘Aonaibh ri Chèile’, (‘Together as One’,)’ encouraged pupils to focus on helping each other and on their responsibility to help children in developing countries.

In addition to the feeding programme Mary’s Meals also runs the Backpack Appeal which enables school children to be given a bag full of school stationery and other items such as t-shirts and toothpaste. The bags are provided by school children in Scotland and shipped over to schools in countries such as Africa and India.

This enables pupils to understand that they can recycle bags in good condition and help other children in a very practical way by giving them some of the basic school equipment that we take for granted. Pupils in all year groups in Sgoil Lionacleit have been involved in these initiatives throughout the school session.

Third year pupils were given the opportunity during their Religious Education time to visit Balivanich Primary School and give a presentation on the subject.

The Backpack Appeal will remain open for a few more weeks to enable more pupils and parents to make a contribution.