Readers’ Letters: 11-12-14

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Who Failed?

I read with interest Alasdair Morrison’s response (4th Dec.) to Dr David Wilson’s letter (28th Nov.)

He states that he believes that the inter-connecter is the most important economic issue facing the Western Isles. He also states that the issue has been ongoing prior to Angus Macneil being elected to Westminster.

As a member of the electorate and not a medium for anyone, maybe he would like to tell us why he as MSP and Calum Macdonald (the former MP) did nothing about the issue during their time as our representatives.

Dr Wilson provided us with details of the recent actions by the current MP, Angus Macneil.

He identified that the main stumbling block was created by New Labour when in power.

During Mr Morrison’s and Mr Macdonald’s time as our elected representatives, New Labour were in power at both Holyrood and Westminster. Despite this massive advantage, they were unable to convince their party masters of the need for the inter-connector.

For Mr Morrison to suggest that the information provided by Dr Wilson is thin is extremely misleading when compared to Mr Morrison’s failure.

Archie Harper

27 Shulishader


The grey horde cometh

Following the success of the Mink Eradication Scheme,the expansion of the Rabbit population,there are ever increasing signs that the Rat Enhancement Iniative has enjoyed a fruitful season, now that its main control and rival has been pushed back.

With its ability to reproduce at explosive levels in favourable conditions,our feathered friends,groundnesting or indeed in any other form,must be hoping for a hard destructive winter and mans intervention to lower numbers before the Spring nesting season arrives.

Now is the time for a concerted effort by us all to diminish the carry over of this adaptable,determined species before a Horde becomes a destructive Host.

David Roberts

Galson Farm

South Galson

Everything to live for

I see the Reverend Donald J Morrison thinks I should be pitied (Letters 4 December).

The Reverend claims that as an unbelieving secular humanist, I have nothing to live for and nothing to die for.

On the contrary, I have everything to live for. And I will die, regardless of whether I believe I have nothing or something to die for. But at least I will die knowing that I have tried to behave decently towards all people, and unlike Reverend Morrison have not made any distinction in how I approach them on the basis of their belief or lack of belief in gods.

I side not with the Reverend’s philosophy but with that of Albert Einstein who famously remarked that Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.

Alistair McBay

National Secular Society

5 Atholl Crescent



Thanks for interest

Lewis Wind Power (LWP) would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our community drop-in on 25th and 26th November at Martin’s Memorial Church, Stornoway.

We hope the drop-in’s provided members of the public with all the information they needed regarding the relatively minor proposed changes to the layout of the Stornoway Wind Farm, which will see some of the turbines move a short distance and the height of the turbines increased by 1.5m.

All of the views expressed will now be collated and will be fed into the planning application process to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit.

LWP remain committed to developing the Stornoway Wind Farm and are investing a substantial amount of expenditure in order to prepare the project for construction when the grid connection becomes available. We hope that these minor changes will be accepted and we can progress to the next phase of project development. This will include consultation with local Grazing Committees and stakeholders on the Section 19A Scheme for Development proposals.

Darren Cuming

Project Manager,

Lewis Wind Power,



On behalf of Poppy Scotland I would like to thank all the retail outlets, businesses and individuals throughout Lewis and Harris who displayed poppy trays and cans and helped to raise the magnificent sum of £7,534.90.

Additionally the 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF raised £3000 through their door to door and street collection.

Funds raised by the annual appeal for Scottish Ex-Service Personnel are allocated to Providing direct financial assistance to individuals.

Funding an advice service for the veteran’s community, including war pension appeals.

Providing grants and research for organisations that deliver specialist support for veterans in Scotland.

Supporting employment of veterans with disabilities.

Once again thank you from the Poppy Scotland Appeal and the ex-service community in Scotland.

Donald Maciver

Royal British Legion Scotland Lewis Branch

30 South Beach Street


Isle of Lewis