Real Nappies in the Western Isles

Real nappy babies are happy babies
Real nappy babies are happy babies

HAVE you ever run out of disposables in the middle of the night? Or run out of space in your bin due to the quantity of disposables a new baby can go through in a fortnight?

Ever totalled up how much you spend and found out that you have thrown as much as £400 in your wheelie bin in just one year?!

Real nappies are a practical solution and don’t worry, there are no folding complications.

Real nappies come shaped, with Velcro fastening, Nappi Nippas or poppers, not a pin in sight; they are made from various fabrics and in an assortment and colours to suit everyone.

There’s no need to soak and rinse, just pop the used nappies in a bucket and when it’s full, tip it into the washing machine, job done! With the use of micro-fibre and fleece fabrics, the drying times have also been greatly reduced.

The Highland Real Nappy Project (HRNP) now covers the Western Isles and offers advice and support on real nappies; one to one group demonstrations; trial kits for parents to borrow; new born lending kits; and new and second hand nappy sales.

Island volunteer, Mairi MacKenzie who is based in Lochs, says: “Before my son was born I was horrified at the cost of disposables and wipes and I was keen to find an alternative. That’s when I discovered the Highland Real Nappy Project.

“They gave me lots of advice and I got one of their starter buckets to help me choose the nappy option that worked for us. It’s not about using either real or disposables exclusively, it’s about what works for you; some people now use a combination of the two.”

She adds: “I am not pushing cloth nappies as the only option, my job is to demonstrate what is available so parents can make an informed choice.”

HRNP have just launched a new incentive scheme called Baby Footprints. Funded by the Climate Challenge Fund, the aim of the project is to help families in the Highlands and Islands reduce their carbon footprint; and HRNP have produced a special new incentive pack of quick drying real nappies and a Carbon Cutting Challenge to help families find out how simple measures can cut carbon and costs.

HRNP co-ordinator, Marion MacDonald, expands: “The Challenge is open to all families, not just new real nappy converts. Anyone with young children in the north who is interested in cutting their carbon – and their household bills! - is welcome to get in touch and give it a go.

“It won’t be long before you baby is big enough to want to know what you are doing about climate change and the environment so this is a great chance to be prepared with some really positive answers.”

For more information on the services offered by HRNP, including The Baby Footprints Challenge, or to order a nappy pack, call 0845 201 2609 or email