Recruitment drive for Ravenspoint

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Co-Chomunn na Pairc (the Pairc Community Co-operative) are keen to recruit more members and to involve the whole community of South Lochs in the services they provide at Ravenspoint (pictured above).

The new facilities at Ravenspoint to be opened in Summer 2011 will provide:

A much expanded and more attractive loch-side cafe

More room for the community shop to meet the needs of local people and visitors

Opportunities to sell local produce and craft goods through the shop

More jobs, particularly in the summer months

A new meeting room and exhibition space

More visitors to the hostel, museum, and archives, who will then want to see other parts of the area

The Co-Chomunn are keen to involve all members of the community, including younger people, and other community groups, in planning the services they provide at Ravenspoint.

Local people are encouraged to attend the Co-Chomunn’s AGM on Thursday 26th May at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre, Kershader, when future priorities will be discussed. This will be followed by a drive to attract new members and further consultation about how best to improve the services provided.

Chairman of the Co-Chomunn, John Randall, said: ‘If we can truly reflect the views of all the community, Ravenspoint can become a more valuable community asset and a show-case for all the good things which are happening in South Lochs.’

More details are available from Co-Chomunn na Pairc, Ravenspoint, Kershader, South Lochs, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9QA, telephone 01851 880236