Recycling roadshow comes to Stornoway

A Scottish Government roadshow aimed at encouraging islanders to recycle more comes to Stornoway next week

The roadshow, which takes place at Tesco on 5 February, will introduce local residents to the wide range of items that can be recycled, provide top tips on how to recycle more and the local recycling facilities available, which can be located through the new website.

The activity is part of the Scottish Government’s new recycling campaign which launched on the 1 December, to encourage the Scottish public to recycle more recyclable items, more often and give items another life.

The campaign features a new creative with lively, memorable characters that have been created from boxes, cartons, bottles and cans, each with animated eyes and a personality. All of the characters represent items that can be recycled, to encourage people to think twice about throwing things away that could be recycled and given another life.

With an estimated 13 billion plastic bottles thrown away across the UK each year, huge amounts of recyclable waste is unnecessarily being sent to landfill. This is not sustainable and leads to a loss of valuable resources.

That’s why this year, the Scottish Government has set ambitious targets in its Zero Waste Plan for Scotland. The aim is to have 40% of household waste recycled or composted this year, increasing to 50% by 2013, and 70% by 2025.

Marina Fraser, local Zero Waste Adviser with Zero Waste Scotland said:

“We all need to recycle more and throw away less and that’s where this campaign comes in, by showing that with not much more effort, it’s easy to recycle more.”

Visit to find out the dates and locations for roadshows in your area and the location of your nearest recycling facilities.