Reliving Gaelic soap Machair

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The date was January 7th 1993, when the first episode of the Gaelic soap opera Machair was broadcast on Scottish Television.

Popular and critical acclaim soon followed, with the Scotland on Sunday TV critic Kenneth Roy describing Machair as “quite simply the best thing to have happened to television in Scotland for a long time”.

With record audience ratings, BBC ALBA continues to screen Machair for a new generation of fans and admirers.

Featuring detailed background information and interviews in Gaelic and English, Donald Sinclair’s new book Teaghlach Machair, which is published by the Islands Book Trust, was launched last week at the Point Cafe.

The book tells the story of the making of the hit long-running drama serial, which broke down language barriers and helped gain widespread acceptance and credibility for a rejuvenated 21st Century Gaelic culture.

To find out about Donald’s inspiration for the book and where to pick up a copy see this week’s Stornoway Gazette out on Thursday, May 22nd.