Resolve to save a life this New Year

It’s that time of year again: we make New Year resolutions, only to break them a few weeks later.

Over 80 per cent of New Year resolutions are broken before the year is out. The most popular ones are often the most difficult – to lose weight or quit smoking – and usually fall by the wayside first.

Many use the opportunity to create positive change in their lives by resolving to learn a new skill.

The Red Cross is asking people to learn first aid in 2015 – a new skill that could help save a life. It will only take a few hours, and the benefits last a lifetime.

Unlike that 5th mince pie on Boxing Day or extra glass of champagne at New Year, learning life-saving skills with the British Red Cross is something you won’t regret.

Mother Rachel Maisey certainly won’t regret taking the time to attend a British Red Cross baby and child first aid course.

She was at a pre-school fair with her two-and-a-half year old Aaron, who had been happily playing with a ten pence coin, when he suddenly fell silent. Rachel noticed he was beginning to change colour and was struggling to breathe. Unable to speak, he pointed to his throat.

Luckily, Rachel had attended a British Red Cross parent and child first aid course just a few weeks before, and her training instantly came flooding back.

She immediately began administering back blows as she had been taught to remove the object from his throat.

With the fifth blow, the ten pence coin come shooting out of Aaron’s mouth. He looked up at his mother and took a deep breath.

Rachel said afterwards: “I’ll always be thankful to the Red Cross for the skills that saved my son’s life. I really enjoyed the course and the skills I learned definitely gave me a new-found confidence. Everyone should learn first aid – you just never know when you might need it.”

There are a wide range of British Red Cross courses available up and down the country, from Everyday First Aid, to baby and child courses for parents and carers, as well as for the workplace.

Find your nearest training venue and book online or call 0845 527 7743.