Restaurants gets wild fish warning

Police have issued a warning to Western Isles restaurants about the law regarding the sale of wild salmon and sea trout

With the peak of the salmon season approaching, Police are reminding restaurants and hotels in the Western Isles of the law regarding the sale of wild salmon and sea trout.

Western Isles Wildlife Crime officer, PC Adrian Kay, said: “There have been a couple of incidents in previous seasons, where restaurants have advertised line-caught salmon on their menus.

“Local businesses must bear in mind that the law bans the sale of any salmon or sea trout that has been caught by rod or line. Anyone found breaching these regulations can face a hefty fine of up to £2500.”

He added: “Furthermore, the trade in net-caught wild salmon is closely monitored. Anyone selling salmon as “wild” may be required to show that the fish has been lawfully caught and purchased. Local police and fisheries board officers regularly visit business premises to ensure that this is the case.”

Criminals caught in possession of, or trading in, illegally-caught salmon can face a fine and up to two years in prison, so Police are keen to ensure that local business do not unwittingly end up committing any offences.

PC Kay concluded: “We encourage any local businesses, who are looking for clarification, on the law to contact their local police or fisheries board.”