Revival of Point Historical Society

At a well-attended meeting on Tuesday, July 12, in Aird Community Centre, Comunn Eachdraidh and Rudha, the Point Historical Society, which had been dormant for a number of years, was formally revived and a new Committee elected.

The new Chair is Alistair Ross; Catriona Dunn was elected Secretary and Chrisella Ross was appointed Treasurer.

There were 16 prospective members present, with apologies from six others who wish to be involved.

The Society owns a large number of artefacts and documents relating to Point history which are at present in storage, but with the exciting prospect of a new home in the building vacated by Knock School, there was enthusiastic support for the creation of a local history museum, along with the other plans for the building which include an interpretation centre for the Eye Church, presently being restored, a local crafts outlet and a tearoom.

A final decision by the Comhairle on the transfer of the buildings at Knock and Aird schools to Urras Storas an Rudha is expected next month.