Revived attempt at Rockall Solo Endurance Expedition

Nick, with the capsule in which he'll live while on Rockall!
Nick, with the capsule in which he'll live while on Rockall!

Calor Gas Ltd are delighted to announce that they will be continuing to support Nick Hancock in his revived attempt to set a world record by living solo for 60 days on Britain’s loneliest outpost.

Nick had to abandon a previous effort last May to land on Rockall, the tiny remote Atlantic rock, after rough seas prevented him from landing.

The English-born chartered surveyor of Ratho, Edinburgh, is determined to try again and hopes to head out in the next few weeks if the weather allows.

His aim is to spend two months on the rock, the tip of a dead volcano 260 miles west of the Outer Hebrides.

Success would mean beating endurance records for the longest solo occupation of the rock and also record its longest occupation in history.

The current record is 42 days set by three Greenpeace campaigners in 1997. The 40-day solo record was set in 1985 by the SAS veteran Tom McClean. Nick also hopes to raise £10,000 for the Help for Heroes charity.

The island of Rockall is just 25m wide and 18m high and supports no inhabitants barring the occasional mollusc – unsurprising, given that in bad weather, waves regularly lash the top of the rock, meaning that nothing grows there, other than algae, seaweed and black lichen.

Surviving in such an inhospitable environment for an extended period of time would be impossible without a few mod cons, and Calor will be providing all the LPG Nick needs for cooking throughout his mission, as well as an LPG portable stove, on which to prepare his meals.

Calor is the only LPG supplier with full national coverage, supplying LPG 365 days a year to some of the most remote parts of Britain, and now including Rockall!