Rise in number of BT hotspots

There are now almost 320,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Scotland, announced BT today, Tuesday 17 January.

That is around three times the number of hotspots available two years ago.

And the Highlands has the largest number of hotspots in the North and North East of Scotland with more than 26,700, while the Western Isles has around 2,370.

The fast growth of BT hotspots has been put down in part due to the increased use of smartphones which are proving to be a popular Wi-Fi device.

Brendan Dick, BT Scotland director, explained: “BT is already leading the charge in broadband services with the roll out of faster speeds across Scotland and the rapid growth of Wi-Fi hot-spots increases the ways consumers and businesses can get online.

He continued: “This is fantastic news for Scotland and another example of major investment by BT in the country’s communications network. This huge growth in the number of hotspots takes flexible working from the home to wherever you need to be and brings the internet right to your fingertips.”

It is hoped that these developments will benefit a range of people across Scotland. Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, expanded: “For small businesses across the nation, Wi-Fi is a great low or no-cost way of working remotely, staying in touch with customers, suppliers and staff and accessing real time travel information quickly, from any wireless PC, tablet or smartphone.”