Risk of reduced CAP payments if details not accurate

Common Grazings Clerks in crofting areas are reminded that shareholders risk receiving reduced CAP payments if they don’t check the accuracy of details just issued by the Scottish Government.

Janette Sutherland from the Portree office of SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College, says clerks have until the end of February to confirm the proposed allocation of EU funds to particular types of grazing land.

Under the latest reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy key support payments are allocated according to the area of land farmed.

Different types of land in Scotland have been divided by officials into so called Regions, each receiving a different payment per hectare.

Region 1, to receive about £180.00 per hectare, includes land for cropping or with permanent or temporary grassland. The rough grazing has been divided into Regions 2 or 3 depending on land quality and exposure as measured by the Less Favoured Area Scheme (LFASS).

Region 2 will receive about £28/Ha and Region some £8/Ha.

According to Janette Sutherland of SAC Consulting the area that crofters manage on common ground often eclipses the hectarage of their own in-bye land.

“It is imperative that grazing clerks and those who claim grazing shares check that the Common has been given the correct regions.

“Careful attention should be given to checking that fenced areas of permanent grassland are recognised as Region 1 as it is important to ensure fields of good grazing are paid at the higher rate.”

Any requests for a review must be submitted to the Government by March 2nd . If there are any queries crofters are welcome to contact their local SAC Consulting office.