Road safety action via ‘Operation Route’

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As part of Operation Route activity between April and July 2015, dedicated patrols have been undertaken by Divisional Officers supported by road Policing Officers, across the Highlands and Islands to engage with road users.

This activity works in support of the number two priority within local policing plans, highlighted by communities regarding road safety and casualty reduction.

Between April and July this year, local officers have undertaken enforcement activities and also provided advice and guidance to road users, highlighting that driving/riding requires a person’s full attention and that anything less than this, even for a split second, or through distraction, could have fatal consequences.

During the summer months, patrols have stopped over 2,500 vehicles for various road traffic offences such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone while driving, with a similar number of persons being reported.

Police Scotland would therefore seek this opportunity to remind road users that when using roads across the Highlands and Islands that they drive sensibly, with due care and attention and according to the conditions of the road.

Further action is planned as part of Operation Route throughout the year.