Road safety fears as Manor and Castle residents urge drivers to slow down

Residents are fearful that an accident will happen sooner rather than later.
Residents are fearful that an accident will happen sooner rather than later.

Manor and Castle Residents fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident on Assaye Place as an increasing number of drivers use the street as a shortcut.

The Manor and Castle Residents Association have been calling on the Comhairle for many years to introduce traffic calming measures to protect children playing in the area.

A potential solution could be the creation of a new play area in front of Canada Crescent to create a safe space for play.

With an increase in traffic, Assaye Place is now being used by motorists as a short cut to avoid potential bottlenecks at the top of Willowglen Road / Cabarfeidh.

Residents fear for the safety of children who play in the area and have called for traffic calming measures such as introducing a one way system.

Roddy Nicolson, Chair of Manor and Castle Residents Association said: “There are so many children now using Assaye Place as a form of playpark, sometimes there can be as many as 14-16 children cycling, running, playing football, oblivious to the dangers of cars and lorries tearing down Assaye Place.”

Cllr Gordon Murray, Stornoway North said: “I have been raising the issue of children safety in Assaye Place for many years now given the concerns of the parents and residents. Something needs to be done or there will be a serious accident.

“I urge the council to take action whether it’s a traffic calming solution to stop cars flying through the area or to look at re-opening the Canada Crescent play park which was taken from the community many years ago.”