Royal Mail reveals the cost of not saying thank you

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People will be given cheaper presents next Christmas unless they remember to send thank you letters for gifts they’ve received this year

Royal Mail’s survey has found over half of people (52%) would reduce the amount they spend on a loved one by up £10 if they didn’t receive a thank you letter – with 20% not bothering to buy a gift again

Almost three quarters (73%) of those polled said it’s important for children to send thank you letters, while two thirds of parents will ask their offspring to say thanks via a note

Six in 10 believe thank you letters should be sent within a fortnight of Christmas Day

Royal Mail has teamed up etiquette experts, Debretts, who are advising the nation to send thank you letters within a week to 10 days receipt of a present.

Jo Bryant, Etiquette Advisor, Debretts, said: “In our digital age, a handwritten letter is always appreciated so, when it comes to saying thank you for Christmas presents, always put pen to paper. Letters of thanks should be sent promptly, preferably within a week to ten days of receipt of a present, so should arrive by the first few days of January.

“It is appropriate for parents to respond on behalf of their offspring before the child is able to write. The child should, however, write their own thank-you letters as soon as they can.”