Royal National Mòd generates £3.5 million

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A study has shown that the 2014 Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail (The Royal National Mòd) generated £3,547,661 for the business community in Inverness – over a £1million more than the event target.

The nine day festival, which took place from 10-18 October 2014 in Inverness, entertained over 9,000 unique visitors, 78% of which came from outside the host city. 67% were in Inverness with the sole purpose of attending The Mòd, while 25% lived in the Highland Capital.

Organised by An Comunn Gàidhealach, the event is the most significant of the Gaelic language in Scotland.

The figures are testament to The Mòd’s importance, not only to Scotland’s cultural calendar but to its economy too, as 74% of attendees revealed they would not have taken a trip during that week, had it not been for the festival.

The Mòd is hosted in a different town or city every year and this is to not only engage more people in Gaelic culture, but also to boost the local economy.

Findings from the 2014 festival show there was huge return on Highland Council’s investment in the event, with £19 spent for every £1 invested in their governing area and this rose to £25 for every £1 invested at a local level.

Says John Morrison, chief executive of An Comunn Gàidhealach: “We are absolutely delighted with this report, especially as it unveiled 37% of attendees are learning or want to learn Gaelic and we want to see that figure grow.

“It confirms the value of the event and the return it can have for host cities, other funders and commercial sponsors - their support is hugely valued and we need it to continue. This return may have been even greater had we received additional funding and we look forward to over-coming the obstacles that make it difficult for, in particular, Creative Scotland to financially back The Mòd, as we have never managed to secure their support.

The Mòd 2015 will take place from 9th – 17th October in Oban.