RSPB Scotland launches its wildlife walks in the islands

Golden Eagle in flight. Photo: Cliff Reddick
Golden Eagle in flight. Photo: Cliff Reddick

RSPB Scotland is hoping to attract more people than ever on to its wildlife walks programme this year.

Walks will be led by RSPB staff across the Uists and in Harris and Lewis.

RSPB species officer Stuart Taylor said: “The summer season is now almost upon us and the usual flurry of tourists are already on their way to the Western Isles. Some of these are first-time visitors while others are returnees who come to the islands annually, and are now almost part of the scenery themselves.

“The biggest attraction here is the wildlife. Very few other places, if any, offer the chance to see otters, seals, eagles, corncrakes, scarce insects and a wonderful array of beautiful flowers, like the Western Isles.”

In 2013, almost 1,000 people attended walks across the Islands and they proved so popular that the season was extended by a month.

Walk attendees Robyn and Ben from Ipswich, said: “A lovely walk in stunning scenery with locals and experts who really know where to go and what to look for. The guides know so much about the wildlife – the flowers, the bees as well as the birds!”

The RSPB’s nature reserve at Balranald and the Langass Lodge area on North Uist will feature on the itinerary in 2014.

The former offers the chance to see a rich variety of machair wildlife and learn about the management of this unique habitat. The walks at Langass offer the chance to see otters, seals and both species of eagle.

Mr Taylor added: “In addition to the walks in North Uist, there will also be Bird of Prey Walks based on South Uist and also Harris and Lewis.

“These walks will be at various places during the season, so local posters should be checked carefully to note the correct time and location.”

For further information on Corncrake walks call 01876 510725.

For information on Balranald Otter walks or South Uist Bird Of Prey walks call 07825357191.

For further information on the Harris Raptor walks call 07920 587 321.