‘Rubbish’ prize puts a smile on Moira’s face

SHESHADER woman, Moira Maclean received an extra Christmas present this year for picking up a piece of litter in her garden.

For what at first appeared to be rubbish destined for the bin turned out to be a finder’s tag and shrivelled up balloon from a famous Glasgow charity balloon race.

Now Moira’s tidying up has earned her and husband, Ivor, of 21B Sheshader, a slap up meal for two in Digby Chicks as it turns out the Sheshader balloon was the furthest travelled.

A thousand balloons were released by Dragons Den entrepreneur, Duncan Bannatyne and his wife, Joanne last summer to mark the start of the 65th Annual Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund to Troon. Each year over 150 Glasgow taxi drivers take a day off to treat some 300 special needs children to a colourful fancy dress trip to the Ayrshire coastal resort.

As a prize for the furthest travelled balloon the charity event organiser fixed Moira up with a £40 meal voucher which Digby Chicks immediately doubled to give the Point couple a night to remember.

But it may be a week or two yet before they take up their prize, joked Moira, as they are still feeling quite full after the festive season.