Safety First as census team starts work

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Scotland’s Census puts a high price on security – the information collected on census day, Sunday March 27th, will be treated with great care and kept private for 100 years.

Census staff, too are carefully trained about their own safety, and that of householders. Every enumerator wears high-visibility clothing, and carries both a security identification tag and a census bag, to be sure that householders know the person on their doorstep is exactly who they say they are.

Enumerators will be out on the doorsteps of Stornoway from this week onwards (March 10th). Each one will introduce themselves by showing their badge and explaining that they represent Scotland’s Census. Elsewhere in the islands, the census questionnaire will arrive by post, but enumerators who are asked to call will wear the same clear identification.

Hello, I’m from Scotland’s Census!

The picture above shows census enumerators trying out their safety-wear and identification badges as they started work last week. With them is PC Mark Dingwall of Stornoway police – local police have been fully briefed on the safety training of census staff. SGD. 22278