Samba comes to Stornoway

Samba yambama gets the crowd going in Stornoway.
Samba yambama gets the crowd going in Stornoway.

Shades of the Rio Carnival came to Stornoway town centre this afternoon when percussion band Samba yambama entertained a huge crowd outside the town’s An Lanntair Arts Centre,

The heavy beat certainly set an exciting tone for the weekend’s festivities as the Hebridean Celt Festival gets into full swing ahead of the entertainment tonight and tomorrow at the marquees in the Lews Castle Grounds.

As well as clapping and dancing along to the beat of the drums, the crowd were also encouraged to get into the latin beat courtesy of some Rio Carnival inspired dancers who showed off some great samba moves.

With the Latin interlude over the crowd was then entertained by a piper and a fiddle group - perhaps more in keeping with the Hebridean setting.