Sample some Case Hardin music

The band will play Stornoway Golf Club on Friday, August 5th
The band will play Stornoway Golf Club on Friday, August 5th

The London-based band Case Hardin will be entertaining a Stornoway audience at the town’s Golf Club on Friday, August 5th from 8pm.

The band is made up of frontman and songwriter Pete Gow, guitarist Jim Maving, bassist Tim Emery and drummer Andy Bastow. Roland Kemp has recently joined on piano and keyboard.

Gow grew up in Scotland. “Many of my songs are about my childhood and growing up in Elgin. Although I’ve been in England for quite some years, I still feel very much rooted to and in Scotland”, he said.

Gow played in Stornoway nearly 10 years ago with Scottish band Southern Tenant Folk Union, and he is looking forward to coming back.

“We’re coming over early in the morning, and we’ll have the whole day to ourselves to take in the island.”

Pete Gow in a seasoned balladeer who describes his band’s music as original roots rock, a genre that finds inspiration in the origins of rock – blues, country and folk music.

Although based in the London, Case Hardin tours around the UK.

“We do try to cut as wide a circle as we can outside of London,” said Gow.

This current tour takes them up to the Midlands with three more dates in Scotland along with the Stornoway show and then up to Nottinghamshire.

On the tour, the band will be promoting its latest and fourth album, Colours Simple.

Guitarist Jim Maving said of the album: “It’s probably the strongest album that we’ve done so far.

“Our other albums have been leading up to this and it’s pushing the band in a few different directions.”

At its core, Colours Simple is a rock album, but it opens with a compelling anthem.

A Glasgow music review blog said of the album’s first track: “They nail their colours to the mast with the opening eight minutes and 20 seconds of Poet’s Corner, a song that is epic in its sweep in a manner reminiscent of Springsteen. A spectacular and intense song.”

Maving says Poet’s Corner: “Is a good story song that’s got all the elements of the music that a lot of us grew up with. It’s quite dramatic sounding.”

Mike Davis at folk and roots music webzine Fruk wrote about Pete Gow’s storytelling talent:“ With his writer’s touch, Gow may well have a novel or two inside him. For now, these colours paint aural stories you really should hear.”

Tickets for the golf club gig are available from WJ Macdonald butchers, Francis Street, Stornoway.