School bus protest march

Walk to school march SGD24277
Walk to school march SGD24277

More than 100 parents and kids attended a ‘School bus protest march’ in Stornoway yesterday (Wednesday 15th August).

The march was arranged before the Comhairle decided to defer the change to the Home to School Transport Policy that would mean free school transport would only be available to primary children who live two or more miles from school and secondary pupils who live three of more miles from school.

Previously children who lived one mile or more from school would have been entitled to free transport; the new regulations would have brought the Comhairle in line with the national standard.

The changes have been deferred until after the October holidays.

But many of those who took part in the march want to see the changes scrapped all together.

Comhairle Leader Angus Campbell said: “Whilst I am firmly of the view that this policy is the right way ahead, I fully accept that parents should have had more time to make arrangements for the new system.

“Parents have expressed reasonable concerns and I believe it is right that we listen to those concerns and take a pragmatic course of action.

“In discussions with the Chair of Education and Children’s Services we have agreed that the reasonable course of action is to defer implementation until after the October holidays and we will be proposing at the next meeting of Education and Children’s Services that we fund the status quo in terms of Home to School Transport provision until October.”

If parents have any queries about the provision of transport for their children they should contact the Education and Children’s Services Department on 01851 822734.