School memories

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Last Thursday’s storm meant that the planned ceilidh at Airidhantuim School sadly had to be cancelled at short notice.

Undeterred, the event has now been rescheduled to Thursday 15th December at 3.15pm to 5.15pm.

The teachers, pupils and parents from Airidhantuim School again invite past and present pupils and staff to attend and share their school memories.

Can you remember your favourite playground game, lessons and teacher?

Do you have a vivid memory of an event that occurred at the school?

All memories and stories are welcomed, you may well share something that has been forgotten by others!

Members of Ness Historical Society have been busy collecting and copying class photographs from over the years.

The school and Society are still keen to find more photographs, records and memorabilia that can form the basis of a final exhibition to be shown in the school before it closes next year.