School pupil safety must come first at Sir E Scott

ALTHOUGH the first stage of building the new school premises at Sir E Scott school in Tarbert is completed, with another seven plus months of construction to go, concerns have been raised regarding pupil safety.

Northern Constabulary, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, bus operators and contractors are keen to remind road users that the safety of children is paramount and request that everyone plays their part in ensuring that all the children are safe.

PC Martin of Tarbert Police Station detailed that police will be carrying our hi-visability patrols and speed checks in the area to ensure that the speed limits are maintained by all.

He said: “There has been concern raised regarding the safety of pupils at the start and finish of the school day. This is in relation to local pupils on foot as well as pupils being uplifted by parents and buses.

“This has proved to be hazardous given the minimal space between the secondary and primary schools and the busy A859 public road that passes through the area.”

PC Martin continued: “It is hoped that all road users passing by the school at these times display patience and continue to observe the 20 miles per hour speed limit. This includes parents/carers who use cars to pick up the children.

“The area is very busy and short delays are often necessary to ensure that children arrive and leave the school safely. We do not want vehicles dropping off children directly outside the schools as this often causes further hazards.”

He added: “It has been noted that many drivers are impatient and overtake parked vehicles picking up children, as well as many drivers failing to observe the speed limit.”