Scientific formula to melt mum's heart

New research has revealed the winning formula to create the perfect Mother's Day card.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 1:34 pm
Updated Saturday, 5th March 2016, 5:20 am
What will your Mother's Day card look like?

Royal Mail invited 2000 mums to take part in a scientific experiment to gauge their emotional response to a range of different cards.

Participants were then asked to select their favourite as quickly as possible based on style, colour or design.

And, based on the responses the formula for the perfect Mother’s Day card is: Pastel blue + pastel yellow + tulips + retro style.

The news comes just in time for Mother’s Day this year which will be celebrated on Sunday.

Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis said: “The brain reacts to each colour, style and design differently. This study shows how important each individual element of a card is to the final mix.

“When all these elements work together they provoke a unique emotional reaction for mothers.”

Royal Mail expects more than 32 million cards will be sent over the next few days for Mother’s Day.