Scottish Christian Party Conference

The Scottish Christian Party Spring Conference will take place in Inverness on Saturday 21st March 2015 at Kingsview Christian Centre.

The key speaker is Gordon Macdonald, Parliamentary Officer for CARE Scotland, who will speak on The Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill and lessons from international experience.

Dr Donald Boyd, the leader of the Scottish Christian Party, will speak on The 2015 Declaration of British Values, a UK-wide initiative to identify parliamentary candidates who will sign up to four core British Values including the sanctity of life.

Dr Boyd is the Scottish Christian Party parliamentary candidate for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency. He is standing against Danny Alexander MP. A recent poll by Lord Ashcroft has predicted a swing of 29% from the Lib Dems to the SNP, which would mean that Mr Alexander will lose his seat.

Dr Boyd said: “The Unionist vote will be divided, so that the Scottish Christian Party is advising tactical voting to unite behind the Scottish Chrisitan Party to prevent the SNP making the predicted break-through in Inverness. The SNP has done nothing to solve the traffic gridlock in Inverness. The SNP transport minister failed to give Inverness the much-needed by-pass on its south side across the river Ness and the Caledonian canal.”

“The Christian Party has a long term development plan to rebalance the economy so that we can fund the NHS, our schools and build the houses the nation needs. The Christian Party proposes banking reform, to rebuild the nation’s assets, and educational reform to build a workforce that will get Britain working again,” he said.