Scottish fuels agree to meet in islands over fuel concerns

Following Western Isles MP, Angus MacNeil’s request to Scottish Fuels to come to the islands and meet over concerns with fuel distribution, the company have been in contact and have confirmed that will come and meet next Friday (7 October) in Stornoway.

Mr MacNeil said: “We need to know what is happening to cause our high prices in fuels, as a near monopoly supplier, I believe that Scottish Fuels are pivotal in reaching an understanding to enable us to lower fuel costs.

“There are three bits of key information we need, price per litre leaving the refinery, price per litre at the various ports of discharge and of course all too painfully, we know the price per litre at the pumps.

“I am pleased that Scottish Fuels have responded to my request last week, for a meeting in Lewis, by having a meeting next week.”