Scottish Fuels offer to end contracts


Scottish Fuels has written to its Western Isles retail customers offering the opportunity to end their current retail supply contract and move to “spot” buying in the open market.

If any retailer, currently under contract with Scottish Fuels, wishes to withdraw from their contract they can do so, and they will be able to purchase from any supplier to the Islands, on a “spot” market basis.   

A Scottish Fuels statement said: “Scottish Fuels has always stated that the pump prices on the forecourts are solely the responsibility of retailer, and it does not influence this in any way.

“Contracts with retailers are very common throughout Britain and Europe, and are used by all Fuel Suppliers; however, due to the adverse publicity these contracts have attracted on the Western Isles, Scottish Fuels felt it appropriate to give the retailers on the Western Isles the option to re-assess their requirements.

“This action does not change the company’s policy with contracts throughout Britain, and it is not a reaction to any possible further OFT investigation into fuel prices. Scottish Fuels welcomes any future investigation as the company has acted in a fair and reasonable manner over the years, as confirmed by the last two OFT Reports.”