Scottish Parliamentary Election - Candidate says Christian Party offers voters another option

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Throwing their hat into the battle to win the Western Isles seat at Holyrood are the Scottish Christian Party ‘Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship’.

Last time out in 2011 the party fielded a Regional ‘List’ candidate and polled 842 votes, but this time around their candidate, businessman John Cormack, is looking to persuade local voters to elect him as MSP for the Western Isles specifically.

And he is feeling confident on improving on his last political foray at the 2015 Westminster election when he polled 1,045 votes.

Mr Cormack hails from Caithness, but says he understands many of the challenges facing those living in the Highlands and Islands remote communities, where a great number of concerns spring from geography.

And he also believes there is a good degree of support for the Scottish Christian Party in the area.

In regards to specific issues he highlighted: “There are a number of issues which concern everyone, regardless of postcode.

“One of these is the Scottish Government’s Named Person Scheme whereby a state guardian is being appointed for every child, usurping and diluting the role of the parent. We want this legislation to be overturned and abandoned.”

He added: “When it comes to Europe, we are the only party standing in the area that supports the vote to leave the EU. We want proper sovereignty for our nation and accountability to voters.”

Talking of more local matters he revealed his understanding of islanders’ frustrations about the unreliability of flights to and from the Western Isles over the last year.

He said: “The unreliability of flights to and from Western Isles is causing a great deal of frustration and inconvenience. What are labelled ‘lifeline’ services are being cancelled at short notice, hence the local joke that the airline should be renamed ‘Fly Maybe.’ This has serious consequences for business and tourism.”

He went on to stress the importance he places on the benefits of renewable energy and talked of how this could not be harnessed due to the lack of progress on a subsea cable to export renewable energy to the mainland.

He added: “This is unacceptable and little progress has been made since I highlighted this issue last year.

“I am interested in improving people’s lives and should I be elected I will do everything I can to achieve this.”

Addressing the criticism that the Christian Party is a ‘one issue party’, he declared: “It’s nonsense. If Christians in other parties made more of an impact offering a Christian perspective then our party wouldn’t be needed.

“Many Christians have told me that they feel disenfranchised given that the other parties deride those who disagree with the single stance being offered on moral issues.

“With the Scottish Christian Party there is another option.”

Mr Cormack is planning on hitting the campaign trail in the Western Isles at the end of next week when he will be able to meet and answer Islanders’ questions face to face.

Pictured is the Scottish Christian Party ‘Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship’ candidate Caithness businessman John Cormack.