Scottish Salmon start seaweed trials

THE Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) is pioneering a new and innovative environmental initiative at its award winning Loch Roag site on Lewis – with seaweed.

In conjunction with its salmon farming operation, the company is now introducing seaweed on to its mooring ropes to achieve a great natural balance in the management of the water area.

Seaweed reduced excessive nutrients in the water and SSC see such systems working alongside other environmental measures such as its strategy for ‘single generation, single loch, synchronised fallow’ and feed developments.

Trials of the pilot scheme now underway will be assessed over the next three months for the growth rate of the seaweed.

And is successful, the company will then consider the commercial potential for seaweed crops as part of the company’s wider business interests.

Ivor McIvor, The Scottish Salmon Company’s site manager at Loch Raog is excited by the new initiative.

He said: “Seaweed thrives around salmon farms and has been shown to have a very positive effect on water quality by eliminating a significant percentage of nutrients reaching the seabed.

“These trials will help us better understand the environmental, technological and economic implications of developing more initiatives like this.”

He continued: “Bringing in innovative measures to increase the environment and economic sustainability of our operations is paramount to the company’s success.

“Introducing seaweed is one of a number of initiatives we are pursuing as part of the company’s drive towards environmental excellence.”