Scottish Water advises of essential work in North Uist

Looking to combat leakage in its North Uist network Scottish Water will be carrying out essential work in the area on Wednesday and Thursday of this week (December 7th and 8th).

New meters are to be fitted on key parts of the island’s water mains network to improve Scottish Water’s ability to monitor the flow of water, making it easier to identify parts of the network with potential leaks.

To install the meters safely, water supplies will have to be interrupted. Customers in the affected areas are being contacted by letter with more information.

Simon Harrison, Scottish Water Operations Manager, said: “To install the meters safely we have to shut off the supply. We thank affected customers for their patience. This work is an essential part of our overall leakage effort.”

Customers who expect to use water in the affected areas between the times stated on the letters they receive are advised to store some in clean, covered containers in the fridge. Water stored in other containers can be used for flushing toilets.

Washing machines and dish washers should not be used while the water is off. When the water supply is restored there may be some discolouration.

This is harmless and will run clear.

Customers who need further information can contact Scottish Water on 0845 601 8855.