Seann invites us to have one for the road on his new tour

Seann Walsh will be playing Stornoway on September 19th.
Seann Walsh will be playing Stornoway on September 19th.

Seann Walsh is a naturally funny man - handy what with him being a comedian.

He is fast becoming one of the most in-demand stand ups and is currently on a major nationwide tour with a new show entitled ‘One For the Road’.

He reveals that the show will have a terrific twist.

Seann said: “At the beginning, I’ll ask the audience to write down what really annoys them.

“Then at the end, I’ll randomly read them out. They listen to me for an hour, and then I get to listen to them.

“After the scripted show, I’ll get to mess around. That will be a lot of fun.”

Seann also gets masses of comic mileage out of moaning and says complaining about the world is such a rich source for routines.

“Moaning works really well in comedy,” he explained. “Stand-up is a true representation of life. So do you really want to listen to someone telling you what a wonderful time they’ve had? No, you have no interest in that.

Moaning is

so effective

“But if someone tells you they have broken their leg and lost their job, you put the kettle on! Moaning is so effective because people only want to hear about other people’s pain.”

Seann goes on to disclose some of the other subjects up for discussion.

He said: “My last show was called ‘28’. It was about me moving in with my girlfriend and how that changed me. This is a continuation of that idea and shows how things have moved on.

“My girlfriend is very healthy, and I’ve noticed that since we’ve been living together, my fridge has gone.

“It used to be full of Pepperami and Cheese Strings, but now it may look like a fridge from the outside, but inside it’s like an allotment, full of cabbages and kale.

“Another aspect of getting older is that I use the word ‘avocado’ and it doesn’t feel weird.

“I can look people in the eye and say that word. It’s very bizarre.

“You have to calm down when you’re 30. You give up on nightly socialising and sign a contract saying, ‘For this part of my life, all I’m going to do is watch box sets’.”

Seann Walsh will be performing at Inverness Eden Court, September 14 and at Stornoway’s An Lanntair centre on September 19th from 7.30pm.

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