Security concerns at Uist MOD sites

SECURITY at the QinetiQ and Minister of Defence (MOD) sites in Uist has come under question due to security staff cuts which will leave only one guard on duty at each site, guarding facilities that have high tech radars and other valuable equipment.

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil is writing to QinetiQ and the MOD regarding security following a cut to security staff wages by up to 30per cent due to the loss of the shift allowance and the flexible roster allowance.

This means that many are now unable to afford to make contributions to their pension.

And it emerged last week that the company are no longer accepting trade union recognition among its staff.

Mr MacNeil said: “I will contact QinetiQ and the MOD as a matter of urgency over these issues, which do no good to either organisation and also has huge implications for staff moral at both sites.

“Security staff working for QinetiQ have seen their wages slashed by up to 30per cent because of the loss of the shift allowance and the flexible roster allowance. It also means that many now cannot make personal pension contributions because of these cuts.

“It has also been brought to my attention that only one security guard will now be on duty at each site, guarding high tech radar and other valuable equipment. I feel that this is a huge security risk and I hope that they will look again at this decision,” he continued.

“I have asked QinetiQ and the MOD is they have assessed the security and safety of both sites before they cam to this conclusion.

“Staff are also being encouraged to take lump sums and leave their employment as soon as possible. This has consequences for site security and there is a huge loss of knowledge being lost because of this.”

Mr MacNeil added: “Last week it was announced that QinetiQ are no longer recognising trade unions among their staff, is this acceptable to the MOD?”