Seeking views on Scotland’s wild land map

Have your say on Scotland's wild lands. SGD17023
Have your say on Scotland's wild lands. SGD17023

SLPeople are being asked to give their views on Scotland’s wild land as Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) launched a seven week consultation on a map showing core areas of wild land across the country.

Andrew Bachell, SNH director of operations, said: “Scotland has a world-wide reputation as a beautiful and impressive country.

“The wildness people can experience and the images of wild places are an incredibly valuable asset which makes an important contribution to our tourism industry.

“Wild land makes a crucial contribution to our quality of life and we know that most people who live in Scotland consider wild places to be important to them,” he continued.

“Wild land areas are also valuable to nature and are often home to some of our most remarkable wildlife.”

The map is a result of SNH’s work to advise Scottish Government and others on the extent and location of the wild land resource in Scotland.

As part of the recent Scottish Government consultations on the Main Issues Report for the National Planning Framework 3, and draft revised Scottish Planning Policy, a number of respondents offered comments on the detail of the wild land map.

In light of these comments, the Scottish Government has asked SNH to carry out a consultation about the map.

Mr Bachell added: “The map is the result of a systematic and robust study that we carried out and we’re keen to hear what others think.

“We hope that the map will help government, local authorities and developers to take account of wild land in decisions about land use and development.”

Details of the consultation can be found at

It runs until December 20th and SNH will review all the comments received and prepare further advice to Scottish Ministers on the map, including any proposed changes.