Sex Offender Notification Scheme

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Police Scotland has introduced an online application under the existing Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme to improve awareness and accessibility of the disclosure process.

The community disclosure scheme enables the public to formally request information on persons involved in their family life particularly if they suspect they may have previously sexually offended against a child.

The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme was introduced primarily to empower parents and carers to seek a formal disclosure route on individuals however communities can also raise an application if concerned about an individual’s contact with children.

All applications receive a considered and proportionate response coupled with information of partner organisations who can provide help and advice on child sexual abuse.

The online application does not affect previous methods of applying through 101 or attending a Police station for more information.

While the Scheme is not new, Police Scotland wants to encourage access through the online application as another means of encouraging awareness of child sexual abuse and promote access to partner organisations who are able to offer help and advice on keeping children safe.

The new online application form can be accessed: here