Shark sighting off Tiumpan Head

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Wildlife enthusiast group Tiumpan Head Watchers reported a shark sighting yesterday (Monday).

The update on the group’s Facebook page said the shark was not a Basking Shark which are regularly spotted off our coasts, it detailed: “A shark (not a basking shark) was seen taking what was probably a small sea bird from the surface of the water just off Tiumpan Head. Shorewatcher Steve Dodd wasn’t able to identify the species, but clearly saw the head, jaws and teeth! Believed to be the first recorded sighting of such an event here since we started collecting data several years ago.”

The group are currently looking for more volunteers to keep an eye on the wildlife off the Island’s coast and have organised a free four hour training session on Saturday, April 9th at the Bridge Centre, Stornoway to instruct anyone interested in how to become a ‘Shorewatcher’. To reserve your place call: 01343 820339 or email: here to reserve your place

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