Shelibost School powers ahead


The pupils of Seilebost School are benefitting from an on-your-doorstep lesson in renewable energy thanks to a unique agreement between Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and the West Harris Trust.

Through its renewables subsidiary the Trust is installing a 5kw Evance wind turbine to power the school with free electricity.

In addition it will donate any profits from the operation of the turbine to school funds for as long as the school remains open.

The turbine was erected on Saturday 27th October and will be connected to the grid in the next couple of weeks once SSE have carried out works to underground a connecting cable to the local network.

By coincidence the school has been doing a project on “Energy” this term so the children are learning first-hand about the renewables revolution and the role that community landowners are playing in that.

Assuming that the wind blows as it normally does on the west side they will be able to monitor a big drop in the school’s energy consumption from the grid as soon as their own renewable source kicks in.

Neil Campbell West Harris Trust secretary commented: “The West Harris Trust is committed to keeping the school open if at all possible.

“We have asked for a period of five years to grow the population of West Harris and we promised to help reduce the running costs of the school.

“This turbine is the first step: it will provide free electricity and any profits generated will also be passed to the Comhairle”