Showing support in the darkest hour

Hospitals and libraries across Scotland will be doing their bit to promote more supportive attitudes towards death, dying and bereavement by hosting a new art exhibition.

Sunday, 8th May 2016, 11:00 am
The exhibit is running at 22 venues across Scotland between May 9 and 15

The exhibit, a partnership between award-winning photographer Colin Gray and the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPPC), will run between May 9 and 15 as part of Death Awareness Week Scotland.

Based on interviews by SPPC, the exhibition features a series of photo portraits and wisdom from people who have cared for someone who is dying or has been bereaved.

As well as including conventional roles like doctors and nurses, the exhibition includes roles played by a taxi driver, a teacher and a funeral director. The exhibition aims to show that care and support comes in many guises and is needed by many different people.

Mark Hazelwood, chief executive of SPPC said: “We all know that ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child, but what is less well recognised that it also ‘takes a village’ to support someone who is dying, and their family.”

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