Significant improvement in Isles patient experience

NHS Western Isles has welcomed the recently published results from the Better Together Inpatient Patient Experience Survey, in which the organisation achieved some exceptionally positive feedback.

Not only has the organisation achieved improvements from the previous year’s survey, it continues to exceed the national average in the vast majority of areas.

A random selection of 442 patients who had stayed in an NHS Western Isles hospital during 2010/11 responded to the survey; all rating their experiences of services to help target improvements.

Better Together is Scotland’s Patient Experience Programme. It supports the NHS Board, frontline staff and patients in driving forward service improvement.

The Better Together Programme highlights a commitment by the Scottish Government and NHS to delivering patient-centred care based on a mutual ethos where staff and patients are co-owners of the NHS and have a greater say in the way services are delivered.

Hospital cleanliness was one of the top scoring areas for NHS Western Isles, with almost all respondents (98 per cent) stating that the main ward/room they stayed in was clean (six per cent above the national average), and 96 per cent saying the toilets and bathrooms were clean (10 per cent above the national average).

For respondents whose hospital visit was planned in advance, ninety-seven per cent responded positively about the length of time they had to wait before being admitted to hospital. This was an improvement of five per cent from the previous year’s result and eight per cent above the national average.

With regard to treatment received in the Emergency Department, 91 per cent responded positively (up four per cent from the previous year and nine per cent above the Scottish average).

Ninety-six per cent of respondents felt that the information they were given before attending hospital helped them to understand what would happen (up one per cent from last year), and 92 per cent rated their care and treatment during their stay in hospital as positive (seven per cent above the national average).

At six per cent above the national average, and up one per cent from last year, 93 per cent of respondents also rated the staff positively, 91 per cent said they got the best treatment for their condition (four per cent higher than the national average and three per cent higher than last year), and 94 per cent understood what was happening to them (four per cent above the national average and five per cent higher than last year).

The results of the survey will be used by NHS Western Isles to inform the Board and further improve service delivery.

NHS Western Isles Chief Executive Gordon Jamieson said: “The Board is delighted to have received such positive feedback from the people who need to use our services, as well as significant improvements in a number of the responses from the previous year. No one knows more about the experience of receiving care than our patients and it is important to hear their views of the local services and how they experience their care.

“Better Together helps NHS Western Isles to tap into real life patient experience. The results from 2009/10 have clearly already enabled us to improve the services we provide for patients, and the latest results from patients who received care during 2010/11 will support the delivery of a further programme of improvement which will, in turn, deliver high quality, safe and effective patient-centred care.”

He added: “Our aim is that all of our patients have as positive an experience as possible when they are receiving care from NHS Western Isles. Whilst we are delighted that the results of this survey were generally so positive and demonstrated improvement, we will be looking at the responses carefully so that we can continuously make further patient focused improvements.”