Simplified third Crofting Census is underway

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The Crofting Commission has issued the third Crofting Census.

Crofters are legally obliged to inform the Commission, on an annual basis, whether or not they are complying with their crofting duties.

The Census form must be completed and returned to the Commission before March 31.

The annual Crofting Census allows the Commission to gather an evidence base which is being built on year by year. There has been a high rate of return over the last two years with the 2015 Crofting Census resulting in over 4,000 changes being made to the Crofting Commission’s Register of Crofts.

Bill Barron, Crofting Commission Interim Chief Executive, said: “To ensure crofters meet their legal obligations we have simplified the Census forms as much as possible so they are quick and easy to complete and return to the Commission.

“I would like to remind crofters that they must answer all questions on the form and if you have multiple crofts, you must complete and return a form for each croft.”

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