Slideshow - Back in the Day February

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Some of the highlights include:

Pic 1

Actors from the Bragar Players drama group get ready to perform in 1958. Get a closer look and see if you can name them on page 5.

Pic 2

Do you recognise any of these men who are pictured in Tolsta Chaolais in the 1950s. See many more images by turning to our ‘Contributions and Letters’ on pages 6 and 7.

Pic 3

Read about the Fishing War of 1958 on page 8.

Pic 4

Pictured are the plans for the Lewis Hospital in 1938. The contents from a very interesting booklet from the time can be found on pages 15 to 17.

Pic 5

A huge snowstorm hit the islands in January 1955. Read Donald’s Macdonald’s eye-witness account of ‘The Blizzard’ on page 18.

Pic 6

Staff members of the Gazette and their partners attend a function at the County Hotel in the 1960s. Find out who they are by turning to Page 19.

Pic 7

Pupils in the Nicolson Senior Art class were lucky enough to on a weekend trip to Paris in 1972. Can you help us name those pictured on page 22?

Pic 8

Pictured in 1958/59 are boys who stayed at the Gibson Hostel. See the photo and a list of boarders on page 23.

Pic 9

Looking happy at their camp at Barnt Green in 1952 are members of the 1st Stornoway Scouts. You’ll find out their names on page 29.

Pic 10.

The Bayble village football team is pictured in 1945. See our ‘Bygone Football’ feature on page 31.