Slideshow - Beautiful Islands

One of our most popular features in the Stornoway Gazette is our Beautiful Islands section.

Some are simply beautiful others a little bit quirky, can you think up any smart, or funny captions for these examples?

The awesome power of mother nature was captured in this stunning images by readers Angus Maclean, who snapped the ferocity of the sea washing over the shore at Port of Ness.

Doug Tosh submitted this unseasonal summer sky snap which he captured in Stornoway in late November.

Gazette reader Ronnie MacAlpine captured the shimmering reflection of a yacht in Stornoway harbour.

Reader Dane Miller sent us this picture of the plaques at the Lewis War Memorial covered under a blanket of snow.

Reader Ron MacAlpine perfectly captured the peace and tranquility which accompanied the recent cold snap and snow fall in Point, At the forefront of his image are some ducks taking a frosty seat, while the lighthouse at Tiumpan Head can be seen in the background.

A regular contributor to Beautiful Islands is Ali Finlayson who submitted this striking shot of a pair of stags.

Reader Nicola Finlayson sent us this image of sheep sheltering behind some felled timber.

Gazette reader Malgorzata Michael submitted this stunning shot of Bernera - a perfect autumnal scene.

Thomas Stewart shares with us this summery view which highlights his daisy viewpoint on a lunchbreak at Bayble Pier, Point.

Deep reds and oranges flood the Stornoway skyline above Napier Hill where George Hossack captured this wonderful scene.

Reader Brian Lynch snapped this stunning shot of wild clover in bloom by the Doune Braes.

Ali Finlayson contributed this shot of a cup of tea boiling on a fire on the Skigersta Moor while doing the peats.

Caroline Smedley sent us this picture of a Wheater on a fence in South Lochs.

Last weekend the isles were smothered under a thick layer of snow and Gazette reader Lorna Macleod sent us this image of her dog Scooby enjoying the wintry conditions on Stornoway Golf Course.

A curious otter surveying the landscape in the aftermath of the recent storms was sent in by Ryan Morrison of Borrisdale in Harris.

If you would like to submit a picture for consideration email us at:

Picture resolution should be above 500kb and send us some information about yourself, where the picture was taken and any technical information you would like to include.