Slideshow - Children in Need 2014

Last Friday the pupils in Eoligarry Primary in Barra held a fundraising event in aid of Children in Need.

The pupils came to school dressed in a mixture of super hero costumes and pyjamas and donated their toys, books and games. They also spent the morning baking a variety of beautiful cakes.

All of the donated items and the baking were sold, by the children, to members of the public.

In addition to the fundraiser, the children participated in various activities and asked friends and family to sponsor them.

All of the monies have now been collected and the total stands at an impressive £237.32 - not bad for a little school of only 19 pupils!

Pictured are the children in the upper primary (P4-6) with their fantastic array of homemade cakes.

In our slideshow we feature images from numerous Children in Need events and activities from around the Islands to find out more details about who raised what for the cause see this week’s Stornoway Gazette out now.