SLIDESHOW - Mòd Ionadail Leòdhais: Early prizewinners

The 2014 Mod Ionadail Leodhais takes place throughout this week at a host of locations across Stornoway town centre.

Hundreds of students from schools across the Western Isles are competing in an array of competitions, showcasing a range of disciplines with Gaelic roots.

In the first of two spreads the Gazette has covered the first events of the Mod, taking place on Tuesday, June 3rd, and Wednesday, June 4th.

Tuesday afternoon saw the Literature awards hosted at the Caladh Inn.

Primary and Secondary students submitted creative written works in Gaelic.

In the afternoon Primary and Secondary students filled an Lanntair auditorium with Ceilidh Group performances.

Students broadcast an impressive array of musical talent, with guitars, accordians, fiddles, pianos and many, many more instruments filling the auditorium with swaying waltzs and up-beat foot stamping tunes that had the audience smiling. No-one envied the judges, who had the painstaking job of deciding the evening’s victors.

On Wednesday morning the auditorium of an Lanntair was full once again for early playlet performances by Secondary pupils, competing for the MacDonald Maciver Shield.

The Primary competition took place once the Secondary pupils had performed, and a flurry of students with props and costumes were buzzing through the an Lanntair galleries.

The Town Hall hosted Primary and Secondary students Precenting psalms, backed by fellow pupils of their schools.

The Fluent Recitation competition (ages 9-10) took place in St Martin’s Memorial Hall, with a huge line-up of 25 competitors.

Meanwhile, St Columba’s Small Hall hosted Sgeulachd storytelling by Primary and Secondary pupils.

The Fluent Recitation competition (ages 11-12) took place in St Columba’s Small Hall once the stories were all beautifully told.

More Mod news next week.