Slideshow - Red Nose Day 2015 around the Isles

Funds were raised up and down the isles on Friday, March 13, for Red Nose Day 2015.

Pairc School and Pairc Playgroup raised £64.50 by wearing something red and having crazy hair-styles.

Sgoil Araich Shiaboist held an animal tea party and raised £43.00 for Red Nose Day.

Sgoil an Rubha - Pupils from GM3-6 class took part in a recording about what Sgoil an Rubha is doing for Comic Relief for the programme Aileag. They also got to paint the presenters’ faces! There was a Red Nose “Selfie” competition, pupils came to school with “Mad Hair” and no school uniform, sold Red Noses, wristbands and nailstickers and had a Bake Sale and raised the fantastic sum of £736.25.

Eoligarry School pupils dressed in their red clothing for Red Nose Day. Staff and pupils each brought in a donation for wearing red and £20 was raised for Comic Relief.

Lewis and Harris Childminding Association - We raised £30 for Red Nose Day, the children were having a great time, colouring in and having funny face pictures taken. Emma Hope is modelling the glasses.

In order to raise funds for Comic Relief, ISL staff are organising a relay cycle challenge tomorrow to match the distance between the Lionel and Leverburgh. The event is being organised into 10k slots or approx. 30 minutes and any staff members from CNES are welcome to take part. A bucket will be situated next to the bike for any donations.

The children at Stornoway Playgroup wore red for Comic Relief and raised £132.33

If you have pictures of Red Nose Day events send them to us and we will feature them in next week’s Gazette. Send your pictures to