Slideshow - Top ten most popular registered dogs in the UK

Are you thinking about adding to the family with a furry, four-legged baby?

Then perhaps you may be wondering what are the most popular breeds out there.

How can you judge this? Well the Kennel Club list how many pedigree puppies are registered each year and so can provide a list of the most popular breeds.

These figures don’t of course take into account non-pedigree and non-registered dogs, so the dogs that make the list might not be fully representative of true popularity against all other dogs in the UK, but it’s a good starting point if you are trying to work out which breed gets along best with us.

There are now 138 breeds which have originated overseas since the Kennel Club first opened its registers in 1874, when there were just 43 breeds.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We are extremely lucky to have such a rich variety of breeds, from so many different countries, so that people can always find a breed that will suit their lifestyle.

“It would however be very sad to see some of our oldest and historically most loved breeds disappearing from our streets and parks simply because they have been forgotten and lack the profile of other breeds.

“Celebrity culture and changing fashions play a greater role than ever before in people’s choice of dog but we urge puppy buyers to consider all of the 215 breeds and choose the one that is truly right for them.”

Our slideshow is a countdown from ten to the number one breed from the Kennel Club’s latest (2013) annual round up of registrations.